Meet Our Team


Our team currently makes up very motivated and Christ driven members devoted to creating change and bringing light to a world that appears so dark. Each Member is very different steaming from their culture and background to their thought process. Despite the diversity of our team we have maintained a great balance. We understand each others strengths and weaknesses and know how to put each other in position to succeed for the Organization. Each member strongly believes that BeBrite will change the world for the better this common beliefs what helps keep a selfless team willing to whatever it takes to help those in need.  


J.T Speller

Position:Group Leader  
Location: Charlotte, NC


Hello everyone and welcome to our website

My name is JaTwan Speller but most people know me by the name of J.T. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a great and inspired team. Each person on our team has a unique quality and a very different story to tell.  My story like any story begins with a turning point in my life. This Turning point has helped change my perspective on life to want to help and to inspire those that hope seems bleak.  

Aliyah Williams

Position: Secretary   
Location: Charlotte, NC

Hello! My name is Aliyah Williams and my Passion and beliefs is to bring hope for this generation, this is a major reason I joined BEBRITE.

DionTre Speller

Position: Outreach specialist 
Location: Charlotte, NC

My name is DionTre. I am an All-Conference Wrestler. I love to help and teach people. I enjoy the smiles of people’s faces when I assist them.

Giving is better than receiving.

Antoine Speller

Position: Technology  
Location: Charlotte, NC

Hi my name is Antoine Speller speaker for Minutes of Truth.  A major reason I joined BEBRITE was to share my gift of understanding technology with this organization.