Question 1. When I donate, where does the money go towards?

This is a Great question: BEBRITE Is a Non-Profit Organization. We do not take any money for personal gain. All money that is donated goes towards projects that will better help the community. Our plans include Holding food drives, giving out materials to help people on the streets and even hosting events for our at-risk youth. There are many ideas that BEBRITE has but we can not achieve these goals alone, but together we can. 

Question 2. How can I help?

There are many different ways that anyone can help. Not all help has to be financial. If you are unable to donate, helping out with various activities or help share the news about what we are doing can become very helpful. We at BEBRITE value any and all contributions that better help drive this organization to spread that being believing, ready, innovative and energetic can change any community . So we ask please don't hesitate get active ask how you can help change the world and help those less fortunate. 

If you are another organization that wants to have a Co-op effort please contact, via email, or phone.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (704)- 525-3850

Question 3. What are some goals for BE:BRITE?

We at BEBRITE have many different goals each with a specific purpose and that is to change the world and help bring aid for those that need it. This component of diversity is what helps us thrive, we understand that difference in opinions at times helps you cover more ground and all perspectives. We have goals from Our first project which is our ''Project Book bag drop'' all the way to opening a hospital with very affordable health care. We believe that aiming high will bring new heights and take the organization further than we ever thought. We know that keeping Christ first and doing the things he wants is the key. So join us and help change the world.