J.T Speller

Position:Group Leader  
Location: Charlotte, NC


Hello everyone and welcome to our website

My name is JaTwan Speller but most people know me by the name of J.T. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a great and inspired team. Each person on our team has a unique quality and a very different story to tell.  My story like any story begins with a turning point in my life. This Turning point has helped change my perspective on life to want to help and to inspire those that hope seems bleak.  

 Just a little about myself

I was born and raised in Charlotte NC, one of the rare people that can say this about themselves. I am the oldest of three boys and I have always tried to set a good example. We were brought up in a God fearing home and taught to always show compassion and strive to be Christ like. Like any other person growing up this was not always the ideal life I had in mind but as I grew up with each passing year I began to realize changes needed to be made. I experienced a period of life where I went astray from the very beliefs and morals that were embedded in me as a child. If it wasn't for the grace of God I would still be in that very same spot, in the back of my mind I always knew that I had a greater purpose in life. When I stumbled upon BeBrite I knew that God had given me a direction and dreams to help this organization succeed. 

My Goals

My goal for this Organization is not to only help locally but always help inspire Growth, hope and teamwork worldwide, to as many that we can possibly help. I don't only want to work independently but do co-ops with other organizations to help these goals of ,clothing and feeding the homeless and less fortunate  , build free schools and clinics for those that can’t afford the simple things in life so many take for granted. My goal  is to also share the Light of Jesus with those that can’t see the light and with those whose light is going dim so that we may rekindle their love for Jesus. I believe that this organization can go a long way with the people God has brought together. With God all things are possible.