Project BookBag

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BEBRITE is excited to announce its first ever project as an organization. It’s the BOOK BAG DROP or as we like to call it “PROJECT BB!"

You must be wondering what is PROJECT BB but when I tell you all about it, I promise you will be as excited as we are. Project BB is all about the homeless. We decided to target this population first mainly because of the weather. It is winter now and the nights are bitter and cold. The thought of people having nowhere to sleep and probably not enough warm clothing is heartbreaking and BEBRITE wants to help.

What we are doing is packing up book bags with items that will help the homeless through this season. However, the items are not limited to warm clothing. We are putting anything that will make life easier for them; from warm clothing to personal care items to food stuffs. We decided to start out with 20 book bags to keep this project affordable. We also chose February 20th, 2015 to be the day we go out there to deliver these bags and put smiles on faces.

 I encourage you to join us and be a part of our first ever project at BEBRITE. You can either donate money or items. Anything you think will make a homeless person’s life easier is welcome.

 Be sure to check in with us again for pictures and videos of this project or better still follow us on Instagram to track our progress.